About Us

We are a new Company, established in 2014 and are based in Kanata. We are incorporated, fully insured; including pollution insurance, Ministry of the Environment registered and comply with all Ottawa City requirements including disposing of our dirty water at ROPEC in the East end of Ottawa.

From the outset we have tried to employ a Green ethos and have worked with a Green Business Consultant in order to achieve Green Business Certification, which we did in October 2014.

The whole purpose of us starting this Company is to try and encourage people to recycle. We do not just clean green bins, but all plastic bins including recycling boxes. We also clean dumpsters and compactors. Even if you use liners or garbage bags, bins still get dirty and smelly as liners are prone to rips and holes. Through cleaning we also reduce the attraction for wildlife, insects and pests and eliminate the bacteria found in and around bins. What we disliked the most was having bins in our garage that not only looked dirty, but also smelled and have found regular cleaning to be a very good way in which to resolve this.