Cleaning Process


On the day that your garbage is collected we arrive at your location, with our mobile trailer mounted cleaning system and we begin the cleaning process. The receptacle is inspected and any large items removed and bagged. The bag will be left inside your garbage bin as we cannot take this with us.

We clean the bin, or recycling box inside and out using extremely high temperatures, and only green certified products to not only clean, but sanitize and disinfect the receptacle.  Finally we use a green certified deodorizer that leaves the bin smelling fresh.

The receptacle is then wiped over, and placed back by your garage or lane way.

The waste water and particulates from within the receptacle are collected by our self-contained unit, this prevents the dirty water and waste from entering the storm drain system which is not designed to handle this type of waste. Cleaning at home often involves the use of a garden hose and harsh chemicals including Clorox.  All of this then enters the storm drain system and has the potential to contaminate our waterways.

Our water is filtered a number of times before being disposed of at ROPEC, City of Ottawa – in the East End of Ottawa.  This way you can be sure that we are not dumping water improperly.   We have the City permits in place and are compliant and registered with the Ministry Of The Environment.  We know that claiming to be environmentally friendly and actually complying with the requirements are often very different things.

You do not need to be at home for us to come and clean your bins as our ability to clean relies on the Garbage Collection routes and timings can vary. In some circumstances we may arrive at your location later than when your bins are emptied, however we will contact you if there are any problems or excessive delays.