Do you just clean the Green Bins?
No, we clean all bins, recycling boxes, dumpsters and compactors.
Why should I have my bins cleaned?
There are many reasons why bins should be cleaned, not least because of the bacteria that accumulates in the bins, and boxes. Smells and odours can also attract unwanted visitors such as wildlife, insects and rodents. Even if you use a liner or bag, these are prone to rips and holes. By using us we ensure that no harmful chemicals or waste enter the storm drain system, we also use much less water than traditional cleaning methods. The final reason is that it is great to just come home or work in an environment where there is no smell, and you do not have to use or touch a dirty bin.
If you are environmentally friendly why don’t you use recycled water?
We thought long and hard about the natural resources and what we were doing. To offer a service that cleans your bins, boxes, dumpsters or compactors with what in effect is dirty water does not guarantee that there will be no cross contamination. We wanted to be sure that by stating we clean, sanitize and disinfect your bin we are doing what we say we will. Also, by using the system we have all of the water is recycled; it goes back into the sewer system via ROPEC, where it is tested and analysed periodically to ensure nothing untoward is being discharged.
What if you cannot clean my bin on the day you are due to arrive?
You will never be charged for a bin that we cannot clean which is as a result of circumstances beyond our control. A credit will be issued, or we will arrange to come the following week all depending on what option you have chosen. We will always contact you to inform you that a problem was encountered.
How much does it cost?
We have posted a six month contract price, as the start time depends on the weather. Our prices start as low as $5 per clean. However, if you have more than 1 bin, or would like to know about our other pricing options please contact us.
Why should I pay for a service when I can just wash it out myself?
The waste water that you create from washing out your bin will normally find its way to the storm drain system. This system is not geared to handle water that also has chemicals in it, often people use bleach or some other very strong cleaning agent. Added to which the matter from your bin will also find its way into the same system. Our cleaning methods collect all of the water (in the receptacle), the water is then filtered and disposed of at ROPEC, in the East end of Ottawa. This way the dirty water is handled correctly and in accordance with current rules and regulations. We only use Green certified products and have achieved Green Business Certification.